Why should I buy from you?

We are an authorized E-joe dealer. So if you don’t have E-Joe dealers in your area,  please consider us. You should also consider us when you are looking for great discounts on refurbished E-Joe.

I have dealer near me, is there any benefit buying from you?

Probably not. By buying from local dealer, you are supporting local economy. When you have issues with the bike, you can just bring your bikes back to the store.

How hard is it to put the bike together?

All E-Joe bikes come almost fully assembled. You probably need to pump the tires and adjust the brakes, but not more beyond this. However, we recommend bike tuning at your local bike shop. You’ll enjoy the ride even more after tuning. We can also ship the bike to your local bike shop if you like.

What do you mean by 'refurbished'?

Refurbished bikes are usually dealer’s return due to various reasons like scratch on the paints, defective motor, defective battery and so on. All defective parts are replaced by E-joe using original parts. All refurbished carry the same warranty as new products.

We also sometimes sell last year model as refurbished to make room for newer models.

How ‘fresh’ is the battery on refurbished bikes?

They normally have less than one year old battery in them. We have really quick turn-around on refurbished bikes. You also have one year battery warranty just like new bikes.

How do I register my bike for warranty work?

Your warranty is active right away, there is no need to send anything back to us. Just keep your proof of purchase.

How do you deal with warranty claims or any issues with my bike?

We will first attempt to diagnose the issue over emails and (or) phone calls. We may ask you for pictures to help us accurately solving the issue.

If you have local bike shop you trust, we will work that the shop. We will cover the cost most of the time.

If you need replacements, we will ship them for free. We may need to ask to ship back defective parts so we can learn more and improve our quality over time.

Still have questions? Email us or fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.